Security and justice: towards politically informed programming

Security and justice: towards politically informed programming

DLP's new 'State of the Art' Papers survey the literature on the politics of development in key areas. In this first paper, Shivit Bakrania examines the research evidence on security and justice.

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More politics, less economics - rethinking PEA

More politics, less economics - rethinking PEA

Adrian Leftwich and David Hudson explain how to move From Political Economy to Political Analysis, and why this shift in emphasis is vital for the success of future development work.

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Our five core research themes

Our five core research themes

Five core themes run through the heart of this new-look website. They are both signposts to guide visitors around our research and the building blocks of the new strategy that will guide our work over the next three years.

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Pacific power: new femininities and women's leadership in the Pacific

The educated, internationally connected women who are changing the way 'development' is done

Opinion by Ceridwen Spark24th June 2014

Political analysis as the practical art of the possible

Bringing politics back into PEA - a new paper with Adrian Leftwich

Opinion by David Hudson24th July 2014

Security and justice – the mismatch between policy and practice

What hinders more politically nuanced security and justice programming?

Opinion by Shivit Bakrania21st July 2014

‘Crows who come in search of dollars’: NGO legitimacy in conflict zones

Do political dynamics affect NGO legitimacy more than performance?

Opinion by Oliver Walton19th August 2014

Politics shape services; and services shape politics

How governance and sector specialists can help each other understand the politics of service delivery

Opinion by Richard Batley19th June 2014

About DLP

The Developmental Leadership Program (DLP) is an international research initiative that explores how leadership, power and political processes drive or block successful development.

DLP focuses on the crucial role of home-grown leaderships and coalitions in forging legitimate political settlements and institutions that promote developmental outcomes, such as sustainable growth, political stability and inclusive social development.

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Security and justice: the first in a new series of literature reviews

Monday 21st July 2014

The first of the Developmental Leadership Program's 'State of the Art' papers is now available. Our SOTA series aims to lay the groundwork for future DLP research by setting out what existing research evidence and development practice tell us about the politics of development in key areas.

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David Hudson 100K run in memory of DLP founder Adrian Leftwich

Saturday 28th June 2014

On 28 June DLP Deputy Director David Hudson ran 100km along the Grand Union Canal, raising over £1000 for Cancer Research UK.

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